I really don't have anything to blog about! :)

Today was a lazy day, really. Thursday are the days that Scotty comes home for the weekend. (For those of you who don't know, Scotty works in Nashville, TN during the week.) We actually lived there for a couple of years, and truthfully, I miss it. I love being home in Arkansas and close to my family, but I also feel like Nashville is home. Anyways, off of that...so on Thursdays, we usually clean up a little. I actually haven't cleaned my boys room in a week and it is a sad, pathetic, hot mess. I may have to take a pic of that later for you. Does anyone else clean their kids room daily, or do you do it for them? And how old do you think is old enough to do it on their own?

My family (Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins) drove in from New Mexico to visit for the week so I am excited to see them tomorrow. I have a great weekend ahead...(other than the nasty forecast)
I am going first thing in the morn to get a mani and pedi. Then, dinner with family tomorrow night (Don't you just love when the whole fam gets together?)
On Sat., I have my hair appt (I keep a standing appt. every six weeks for my beloved hair) and I am so glad it's alomost here. My hair is looking a little washed out!

Also, I want a bloggy makeover! Does anyone recommend anyone in particular? I have been looking around, but it seems like everyone has a long waiting list!

That's all for now!


blessedmomto7 said...

I used Blogalicious designs. They are on my page-cool girls! Enjoy your family time!

Ashley Ederington said...

don't feel bad about the hair, i keep a very strict 6 week schedule too. i am going this afternoon :)

A friend of mine Becky (she follows me) does blog designs, she is pretty creative.

Ashley Ederington said...

becky's personal blog:

and her design blog:

Courtney said...

I have my standing appointment every 5 weeks...dang gray hair! Otherwise it would probably be 6 or 7 weeks in between!! :) on the kids rooms...I make my kids pick it up, I will vaccuum and dust it once a week but that's it. I REFUSE to clean it. And I refuse to allow certain priveleges if its messy. Its used to never work but since we redid them its been much easier...and they get $5 a week for doing their own plus make their own beds and various odd and end 'chores' around the house (feed the cats, water the plan outside, pick up their laundry, etc)...but its only been working about 2 weeks now! :)

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