Here's to you, Mrs. Clark!!!

Before I get off on what this post is all about.....which is my Memaw...

About my day--I started off sleeping in till ten!! I hate that. I have insomnia and I cant go to sleep at night then I oversleep. My memaw, the kids and I went to Arby's and on our way out I hit a parked car. The Commander smashed into a Suburban. I am so praying he doesn't file a claim. My driving record (two tickets) is holding me up with the foster care situation. I cannot believe I backed into a parked car. It knocked off my park assist sensor. Lovely....
My mom came over tonight and I cooked my favorite easy pasta dinner. It's one box bowtie pasta (I use the 1.00 Great Value from WM) butter, garlic, chicken, and tomatoes. Sometimes I add little bits of broccoli. To cut down on time I season up some chicken tenderloins plop them on the George Foreman, and cook the pasta. I cut the chicken all up and garlic it some more. Then I drain the pasta and add the chicken. I add a diced tomato, and about 3/4 stick melted butter with garlic and then I drown it in Parmesan. It takes about 15 min and the kids love it.
Then I made homemade lemon bars (which I am waiting to cool so I can devour)

Anyways, I just wanted to tell my Memaw how much I love her. She has her own way about her and is not afraid to tell anyone how she feels. She witnesses to the people in the checkout line. She tells everyone about Jesus, and holds nothing back. She tells my kids that she has old ears, so my kids tend to act good around her. She won't take whiny kids. I remember being swatted at when I was a kid for making sounds. She used to let me cook at her house. I loved that. She stands up super straight and is very tall. She is super skinny and has great posture. She doesn't eat much, she picks at her food. She takes a few bites, and that's it. I love having a hip, Jesus loving Grandma. She wears fashionable clothes, and looks very great for her age. In fact, all the women on my mom's side of the family age very well with very little wrinkling and gray hair. Please, Lord let me be like them!
My Memaw is always supporting me no matter what I do, even though I know she thinks I am a nut. (Im really not!)
Back in January, she had a photo shoot at my house to model her new dental implants by Dr. Jirik in Cabot. The photographer was amazing and it was so fun to watch her feel pretty. It was really a fun day. I just wanted to say I love you, Memaw! If you want to see a pic and an article about her teeth, click here!!!

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