Happy Fourth and my little Camden

A smorgasbord of July 2009 photos.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth of July. We went to the lake to watch fireworks, and we had lots of fun. We stayed on the boat for hours. My camera battery died while we were on the boat, so I didn't get many pictures. I did get a pic of the beautiful rainbow after the rain. (see slideshow!) We had a cookout at Scotty's cousins house beforehand. I made my yummy Asian coleslaw and baked beans. Scotty made deer meat kabobs with peppers and cream cheese. I had a ribeye. :) I actually love to hunt but recently can't eat deer. I don't know why....I just ate my cow.

On Friday, we bought Laiken a new bed at Cleo's Furniture. Her headboard is white and pink and it was on sale for $79. She got a new pillowtop mattress on clearance for $99. So for under $200, she got a whole new bed, matress and boxsprings. She loves it. We just didn't want to spend alot.

Today is July 5th. One more month till August 5th, when my littlest man turns five. I am sad and happy, I am feeling a little nostalgic thinking about him being a baby. I miss it, he is growing up. I know it's not his Bday yet, but here's to being almost five....(This is gonna get long...Beware)
When I got pregnant, I was sad. I had an almost two year old, a seven month old and all I could think of was three babies in three years....and I did feel guilty for being sad. I had a friend who wanted a baby so badly at the time. (And before I had the 1st, I was told I couldn't have kids, BTW.)
I had a pretty easy pregnancy other than being huge. When he was born, Scotty and I decided to be the only ones in the delivery room because we were pretty sure he was the last. We wanted to have our moment with him. My epidural didn't work and so I was miserable. He was born @ 5:15 in the afternoon and was a tiny bundle of beautiful baby. (I kept dreaming he was ugly!) He had lots and lots of black hair, and I was so excited about that.I immedietely fell in love with this miracle. I love babies with hair. It was so long. He was an AMAZING baby......he rarely cried and slept alot, admidst the two year old and seventeen month old running around screaming. I breastfed him...I can remember taking them all to WalMart for the first time by myself, and coming home and crying. (I still do, sometimes!)
At birth, he was taken for a CT because he had almost no fontanel. (soft spot)
They were worried his head would become misshapen. After several visits to Children's, he was fine. And, his head is very bumpy now. I don't care because you can't tell unless he shaved his head.
At about seven months, he began having purplish and blue brusies all over his body and weird rashes. It scared me to death. I was scared to take him to the hospital, because I didn't want them to think I beat him. I just knew it was cancer or something awful. After lots and lots of testing, it was a platelet issue. It went away.
Camden was very happy and content, but we noticed he was slow. It really worried me. (Caden, my oldest, has Asperger's) so I thought Cam had a more severe case of autism. I was worn out with Caden at the time.(He was exhausting) (And Laiken had been a very sick baby) The Dr. told me that Camden was mentally retarded, more than likely. He had very low muscle tone, and was not meeting milestones as expected. Caden was already in therapy at a Day treatment facility, and so they urged me to get Camden is as soon as possible. So, at a year old my baby began speech, occupational, and physical therapy. I came to grips with having a delayed child. He was always happy, and smiling. He was so loving. He was a gorgeous baby. He had the blondest curly hair. And big huge blue green eyes. (they turned brown)
My family and friends became prayer warriors during this time. I was ok with it all. I felt at peace about it. But God saw otherwise. He have me a perfectly healthy happy little boy who by age 3, met all milestones, and caught up to his peers.
From that age on, he became a HANDFUL. He is all boy. He has the huskiest voice, and talks sooo country. He loves his mommy and daddy, but is a daddy's boy. He loves to hunt and fish, and ride bikes. He loves to be outside. He looks just like his mama, though! He is so cuddly and loveable and I am so blessed to be his mama! I love you, Camden William!!!!!!


Nic said...

Looks like you guys had a great 4th! About the pool....Josh is doing it all himself so it's going to take longer then if we hired someone but we are hoping it will be done by July 25th. Guess we'll see =)

Courtney said...

AWWW!! Camden is such a sweetie!! :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."