Quick Saturday trip

So, on Saturday we went to Springfield, MO to go to Bass Pro Shops. Because Daddy had to. We left Benton at around 7:25 and made it there at around 11:30. We left Little Rock sunny and warm and drove into chilly rain in MO. It was kind of depressing. So we drove 4 hours to shop for three. Kinda silly when I think about it. Other than that, we had a pretty lazy weekend.

Scotty surprised me with Sugarland tickets and I was super excited. I LOVE Jennifer Nettles!!

I will leave ya with some pics of the kiddos at Bass Pro!

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Anonymous said...

we are headed the shreveport bass pro (and gap outlet-big sale) on thursday. we like to drive 3+ hours to shop for 2, eat dinner, and come home. it is silly, but we make it a lot of fun.

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