Family Tradition!

I love carrying on family traditions. I CHERISH the moments I had as a chid, and savor them. I love remember my parents being married and I remember all of us digging our toes in the sand on family vacations. I am glad that I can hold on to those. I can't change my parents being divorced, but I do have some great memories.

My family LOVES us some catfish. One of my fondest memories with my parents is eating every Friday night at Riverside Grocery. It is a gas station/grocery type store that serves up homemade food. On Friday nights, it's all about the catfish. Catfish, pan fried potatoes (slap your mama good!), coleslaw, pickled tomatoes, baked or brown beans, corn on the cob, hushpuppies, lemon and onion..YUM YUM. I am glad that Scotty likes catfish, so we can carry on the tradition with our kids. We don't go every Friday night, but we go often. We go on Sundays after church sometimes for plate lunches. Last night, when we were eating I had a memory of me sitting there with my mom and dad, and some friends and it seemed so real. I am just glad that I can carry on the tradition...

Sorry if you don't like catfish! (I really love me some seafood too..Bonefish, Red Lobster...YUMMY.)

I cannot believe I am sitting here takling about food. Scotty, the kids, and I just grilled out big juicy Ribeyes that marinated all night last night and we had some mashed potatoes. Has anyone tried these?
Since I LOVE mashed taters, this is so easy and so much better than instant. And much better than boiling potatoes. So here is what I do...I buy the Cut Red Potatoes(Stem n Mash) cook them, add the milk and butter, then I add lots of sour cream, chives, bacon bits, a lil shredded cheese, garlic salt, and some parsley. They turn out so Yummy. Kind of like Colton's loaded smashed potatoes. But better!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Allison said...

I love catfish and seafood. Too bad JM is allergic to all seafood. Kind of puts a damper on things. :(

Anonymous said...

you know, growing up about 3 miles from riverside, i have NEVER eaten their friday night catfish. weird huh.

might have to head back to benton and do that sometime.

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