Hot wigs, and Gettin Ready for School!

Did ya'll know that since I love this hairstlyle SO much, it can be mine for $14.99?

I mean. Really. I am sure there will actualy be folks dressing up on Halloween as Kate Gosselin. Just saying...

I am gearing up for school to start. I am SO ready. I LOVE my kids, BUT this summer has been kinda rough, honestly. I got sick a few times, meningitis included (PAINFUL) and I never ever get sick...and with my husband in Nashville, it gets really hard. I am probably the only mama around here that has NOT bought school supplies and clothes yet. I put it off because it stresses me out. I am going on Friday. I have offered to pay my Mama to come help me do laundry and clean and get ready for school. I need to be more organized. She is coming on Wednesday for a small fee. THANK YOU, MOTHER!!!! (And yes, she would probably help me for free, but I intended on hiring a housekeeper anyways!)

I am ready for fall. I LOVE fall. This summer has been odd, it started off so hot, then got cooler, now it's hot again. I am OVER it. I am ready for Pumpkin Lattes, and Mums on my front porch..

I want to throw out a congrats to This Chick on the birth of her second baby boy!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks chica! Everything is going great!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."