Keith Urban and Sugarland Concert, and Wickles:Decideidly Deicious

Hey ya'll. My husband took me to the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert. I adore Sugarland. I LOVE Jennifer Nettles. I listen to her ALOT. I think I am really her biggest fan. She puts on a great show. Keith had an amazing performance, but the opening act was my fave. I just love that woman. I think I may be her biggest fan. I miss Nashville!

Ok, can we talk about fashion..like pubic event/concert fashion? I don't ever blog much about fashion. But I really absorbed all the craziness I saw at that concert and had to blog about it. I will say the South has the most beautiful women....BUT.
I love to people watch. I love to see what other people wear. I saw some really cute girls wearing short shorts and boots. It's cute IF you can swing it at a country concert. Saw lots of dresses and boots, again appropriate...BUT. Saw lots of awesome dresses. But I also saw some that I wouldn't sleep in. I saw some girls wearing ripped up 80's prom dresses with boots. Not a good idea. I saw Wrangler shorts and cropped 80's vests. (ICK.) I saw the occasional Hogs shirt (GO Hogs!!!!!). I wore a sleeveless button down vest tunic, cute jeans, and cute gold sandals. And I wore cheap jewelry from Rue 21. I really stress over what I wear out to events. And then when I get there, I am so busy watching people I get over it....Do all women do this? And am I the only crazy that people watches?

The concert was upbeat and fun, and it went well. I really enjoyed the show. When Sugarland performed, all they had to do was throw a Razorback up on the screen and the crowd went wild. GO figure! I CANNOT wait for football season. I am a crazy Razorback fan!

Ok, I have an addiction to these:

They are so seriously good. That is if you like pickles and slightly spicy things. I have been buying these awhile and I bought the pepper rings for the first time today. Yummy. I like to put the pickles on Lays lately. (No, I am NOT pregnant.) I just like the whole vinegary/salty/spicy mix. You can go to www.wickles.com to buy.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

i love to watch all the skank-o-roma outfits walk by at concerts.

i am bad about leaning over to the hubs and saying: what would you do if i looked like that. most of the time his answer revolves around leaving me at home and hiring someone to attend events with him. what a man, lol.

Allison said...

Glad you had fun!

I'm a people watcher too!

And I HATE pickles. :)

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