I am not going to tell you I had a bad day. I am not going to "complain". But here goes.

A creditor put a debt on our credit that does not belong to us. The debt collector was very rude and I am now having to dispute this debt. That caused me a headache this morning. I mean, Hello??? The debt is not even ours.

I left my house to go enjoy some peace at Target. My light starts blinking at me that I have very low tire pressure. I stop at the Murphy USA to air it up. No big deal, right? Maybe not, but when your doors LOCK with the keys in the ignition, it kind of stinks. Phone, purse, everything...locked away. I go inside and ask the girl if I can please use her phone to call a locksmith. Then I realize I have no money to pay him. I was going to go to the bank before Target. I am a little panicky. I called my Dad. He called a locksmith and rescued me. He even paid for it for me. I was SO grateful.

On top of those nasty fireants I got yesterday I wrote about, I fell last night and tore up my left leg to add to all my scars and bruises. (Have I told ya'll what a KLUTZ I am?) I tore it up good. I got some fireants on my hand, and I woke up with some nasty looking blisters....

My pink kitchen is STILL pink. Not happy about that, but hey it gives me something to laugh about. I have LOTS to be happy about and to be thankful for. :-)

I have lots of pics to upload, but truthfully just haven't felt like it. I will soon.

I am off to watch all of my DVR'd shows. It is SO pathetically sad how much of my life I spend watching these shows....what would I do without my TV?

Oh, and this picture was taken a year ago today after school. I remember this day, it was so pretty outide and me and the kids played outside for about three hours and then I didn't feel like fixing them dinner and they wanted McDonald's and the closest one was 25 min away (We were in Greers Ferry) and I thought what the heck....so we went to MCD's even though I dislike it very much and wasted gas, they were so happy. Sometimes it's the small things in life that can make them so happy. They have grown so much this year...:) Every time I look at this picture, I will never forget that day.. I don't know what made it so special, it just was one of those feel good great days.

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."