Yesterday I was SO excited because the painters worked on Sunday to finish the painting. I walked in the door and about fell the heck out. Do you guys remember "Blush and Bashful" from Steel Magnolias? My kitchen looks like Shelby's wedding. I thought I was dreaming. I started laughing and crying. The painter said "Well, I didn't think anyone in their right mind would want a pink kitchen, but I do some ugly stuff for some folks." Oh, my. They brought the wrong color out. The right color is rust, which I am NOW second guessing. They are supposed to fix it tomorrow, but they went ahead and hung cabinets today and it looks RIDICULOUS. I so wish I would have had my camera with me. But I am not down with a PINK kitchen.

This morning I had a Dr's appt. He has diagnosed me with a luteal phase defect, and gave me a RX for Progesterone. He told me to start taking it the minute I found out I was pregnant and not to wait the nine weeks for my first appt so I didn't go crazy if I got pregnant. So I am armed with folic acid, progesterone, and a fertility monitor...(never thought I'd have to do that...haha.) I am glad my husband is a good sport....:) I cried like three times when I was in that office this morning but I am feeling so much better and grateful that I am able to try again.

Today my friend Stephanie wanted to go to the Coach store. She HAD to go to make her Birthday wishlist. I thought this was funny. I LOVE Coach, but will save money and buy it used or at the outlet. (Ok, so I only have a wallet and sunglasses but would heart a purse). Seeing as I have no health insurance for myself, three kids, and trying to have another, plus pay all my medical bills, I think the Coach can wait.:-)
I think it's funny because Stephanie cracks me up. (Sorry Stephanie, I love you.) She has always perfect nails, hair extensions, a totally cute Coach purse, and drives a very cute Mercedes. She is a single mom and says she has to look cute all the time in case she meets Mr. Right. We had fun, though. We went to the mall and looked at all the cute fall boots and muddled through our fave stores. I got some earrings and a ring at Forever 21 and some really cute sunglasses at Payless. Seeing as neither one of us had much spare change, that's about all we bought. I had alot of fun just walking around the mall talking. I haven't done that without a kid in SO long. (I LOVE school!!!!) On the way home, she hit a tire in the middle of the road and tore up the undearneath of the car. We pulled over at County Line...at a liquour store of all places and were looking under the car and she breaks a nail and I am squatting in grass when I start feeling horrible stinging. I look down and there are fire ants all over me so I start doing a jig in this parking lot. I am sure there were some folks laughing at me. What a day.

Off to watch DWTS....good night!!

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