I love my crazy life.

First off....GOD is SO good. Sometimes he nudges us to do things we don't want to do, but when we do we are so blessed. I met someone today I can totally relate to who has a child with Asperger's at my "new job". I don't have any friends with kids with Asperger's and as we talked out in the parking lot, I was amazed. :) I think my new job will work out well. I am going to be a preschool teacher. That means lots of four year olds. Please pray for me!!!!

Camden is fearless. He will pick up any kind of bug or critter. I have told him that some things bite and are poisonous and we shouldn't do that. I have also told him not to harm animals. Once, he plucked the eyeballs out of a lizard at a playdate while in the sandbox and brought it to me. I was mortified. (He was three.) I have told him to STAY AWAY from snakes. So yesterday I was a little freaked out when he walks in the (new) house dangling what else but a snake. Long story short, Scotty googled it for me..it's not a bad snake...but still. After it was all said and done, I took a pic of the nasty thing.

Have you ever felt nostalgic about your childhood? Yesterday I had some time to kill before picking up kids, and I went and drove by my old house I grew up in. My parents are divorced and this house has lots of memories. We lived there in a nice neighborhood, where I rode my bike every day to the corner to meet my best friend. Rain or snow. I remember all the yummy dinners my mom made me in that kitchen. I can remember my first "real" kiss on that front porch. I remember trying to sell lemonade in the yard. I can remember washing my Honda Prelude in a bikini in the driveway. I can remember birthday parties, family BBQ's and so many other things. It was filled with love and grown in southern pride. (Thanks Zac Brown!!) Haha. I want that for my kids. We have moved so much. I want a place they can remember and look back and say I had a good childhood. A house that is more than a house, but a home. Filled with lots of love and chocolate chip cookies. I am sure the current homeowners thought I was crazy, but I took a pic. :-) My parents built this house together and I remember the first day we had a slab. I was 6. I will always have a special place in my heart for this house...

I took my mom out to the house to check out the paint last night. She hadn't been out there in awhile. What do you think about the kitchen? Is it too orangish? (Be honest) My family room is a chocolatey brown and I really like it. The ceiling fan is going to be replaced with a stacked stone fan. I do not like the one up there.

Let me just tell you about the morning I had. I drop my kids off and head to Starbucks. I had to be at the preschool at nine. It was eight when I got there. I thought I have time to kill, I will go inside and skip the drive thru. I was gonna get two lattes and take one to my mom for her Bday. I lock my keys in my car. AGAIN. I did this last week and my dad had to rescue me. I was about to cry, but I went inside and asked to use their phone, but didn't know who to call. Thankfully I saw my friend Ann and she looked up the locksmiths number on her laptop. THANK YOU, ANN!! And I got to visit with her while I waited on him, so that was nice. But the $50 was NOT so nice. Ugh.....I made it to the preschool at 8:56 with one latte. Oh, and did I mention that they are OUT of Pumpkin Spice lattes at the Bryant Starbucks?? They are waiting on a truck to deliver some "pumpkin". Whatever!!!

I am now off to take my momma to lunch!!!

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Allison said...

Love those paint colors! :0

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."