The last year....

At this time last year, I was uprooting my kids from Nashville for the second time. We moved to Greers Ferry to our lake house. (For the second time.) And ya'll, I think back and think "No wonder I am so tired!!"

It all started in late 2005 when Scotty got sent there to work. He left by himself and me being alone with three kids was too much for me. I was working, had two kids in therapy, and it was all too much. We had just bought our first house the year before and we decided we could rent it out. We packed up our stuff and rented the house out and moved outside of Nashville. The kids didn't seem to mind. They were four, three, and two. I loved it there and adjusted quickly. We rented a very nice house and settled in. We had to move out because the house was being sold after a few months so we moved to another rent house. Whew. We lived in that house for several months and we moved back to AR. We decided to live in Greers Ferry at our lake house we just bought. I became miserable there. I missed TN, and my friends there. I missed all the fun stuff to do. So we stayed in GF July 07-Jan 08. Then we rented the lake house out, and headed off to TN AGAIN. (It sounds like we are nutty.) The kids get settled in school and I get a great job and Camden got into a great preschool and everything was in an upswing. (Are ya'll exhausted yet?) So, Scotty decides we really need to go back to Arkansas because of our family there. My family all lives in Benton/Bryant so Greers Ferry didn't seem like the best solution, but Scotty loved it there, although I didn't. So enters Lakehouse #2. Across the street from Lakehouse #1.

This is now September 2008. The kids LOVE their Tennessee school, and we are putting them in school in Greers Ferry, which is a NOT so good school. I am living there to make my husband happy, but I am miserable and either want to go home to Saline County or back to Tenn. We decided that we could move back home. I was really upset with the way the school in Greers Ferry was handling Caden's issues and I had no friends there. We sell Lakehouse #1. We had a house fall in our laps back home, in the school district I wanted, on the golf course and it was a no brainer. The house was gorgeous. We move back home at the beginning of December 2008. It was strange being back home for awhile, but we adjusted. We make some BIG decisions and decide we need to move again. (Still at home.) We begin building our house in late July. (It is almost done, but has been a HUGE headache, thus the reason I have not blogged about it. Pics coming soon.) We will not be moving again. This journey has been memorable, and has had its ups and downs, but has been exhausting. We decide to plan the pregnancy admidst all this...so I became pregnant this summer and lost the baby. This summer has been so rough. I NEVER get sick, and I have been in the hospital twice. I went in one week for a severe uterine infection and came back out to go right back with meningitis. Laiken spent all of last winter being sick. Scotty is working in Nashville. Sometimes I feel like a single mom. I am tired, and exhausted. I am ready to be settled. I am not complaining, I wouldn't take back any part of this journey, but it has been tiring.

I have been blessed with three gorgeous kids and a fabulous husband and we have been blessed tremendously and I am SO thankful. I am ready to SLOW down a little, take things a little slower, if ya know what I mean? The next month or so will be hectic, but I am looking forward to the Holidays. We have been givin the go ahead to start trying again for I am going to say Baby #5. We will never forget baby number four. This baby woke me up and I loved it so much. I don't think I have ever felt so much sheer joy as I did when that pregnancy test came up +. This baby was our Glory Baby and I have two utrasound photos that I have had framed. :-)

This is a pic of me my mom took right after I told my whole family I was pregnant at dinner. I had it all planned out, on my Memaw's Bday, at our fave restaurant. I was so giddy inside and this was the day I told the kids. I felt such joy. I don't know if I can ever eat there again because I am going to associate this with the baby.

Whew. That was a long post. Sometimes writing just helps me sort things out. Happy Wednesday, ya'll!


Nic said...

Wow, I would be tired too! Can't wait to see pics of the new house!

blessedmomto7 said...

Lots going on! Baby #5 will be such a blessing just as the other 4 have been! HUGS!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."