IUD, fashion, and Eating.

Ok, I got a call from the Dr. today and apparantly my progesterone levels were too low to support a pregnancy. Theory being the IUD I had has synthetic progesterone being put out into your uterus every day and kind of kills natural progesterone. So my body wasn't making enough. I am kinda angry because with Prometrium or progesterone suppositories this may could have been prevented. I wish I had never had that IUD. It made me sick, and I got pelvic infections and had cramps and all kinds of nasty side effects. The progesterone in the IUD prevents IMPLANTATION, not fertiization. So you may get a fertilized egg. I really didn't know this until recently. I just do not like IUD's and urge you all don't do it!!!! :-)

I am not a dress up kind of girl, but I wear lots of dresses. Make sense? Ha. I like comfy dresses. I like leggings. I have them in all colors. So in the winter I wear lots of sweat pants when I am hanging out at home. I have seriously gained some weight this year and it has been hard to fit into stuff that is four sizes too small. Some of my fave accesories/things to wear. My Converse sneakers. I probably would have not been caught dead in these when I was in school, but I heart them now.

Honestly, I spend more money on my hair and makeup and skincare than I do clothes. Those of you who know my know that my hair is super important to me. I cannot stand it to be messed up. I love make up. I totally love black nail polish. Is this going out of style yet?? Because I still love it.

I like dark brown nails for fall too.
If I go to a deptartment store and I see a sign that says loungewear, I am all over it. I HATE I mean DESPISE high heels.

You can get this @ Apricot Boutique in Sherwood if ya live near me.
I Love tunics. If I see a cute one, I usually snatch it up. Because they can go with jeans or leggings or whatever and are so comfy. Like this one I would wear with my Converse sneakers and cute jeans. I like big chunky rings, too. Even when I am not dressed up. My husband thinks I am a lunatic, but I love Tori Spelling's clothes. I do not endorse her or her skinniness...but I love her clothes. And her glasses. Oh, that's another thing. I totally think glasses are so cute. Another reason I am kicking my contacts to the curb. :-)
Are there any styles that you stick with and don't change? Or anything you totally love?

So, Dr. says I can start TTC again now. (I will get progesterone). So I am eating VERY healthy. I am going back on my weighlifting diet I used to do when I was into lifting weights. I started running again yesterday. More like jogging. But whatever. I want to be healthy when I get pregnant again. Gotta run....chicken and spinach..calling my name!!!

One more thing, Camden wrote his name by himself for the first time today. I was so proud I cried. He is behind his classmates a little, and to see him accomplish that melted my heart. Love the little guy.


Allison said...

I like that tunic - but is it just me or something about it seems crooked?

And I wish I spent more on makeup and hair but sadly I don't. (If we had more, I might.) But also, I guess I never know what to do so I just always go the cheap route.

I'm starting to love clothes more and more again! Guess I shouldn't have a baby anytime soon huh? LOL :)
Congrats to Camden for writing his name! That's great news! I'm sure his teacher was thrilled!

Anonymous said...

we had chicken and spinach tonight for dinner (it was yummy)

i am proud to say i don't spend one dime on my hair. ha ha i don't even have to buy shampoo, BUT i spend way to much on clothing.

i don't endorse torri's skinniness because i am JEALOUS. if i could be that skinny i would rock it hardcore.

blessedmomto7 said...

:) Sounds like you have it all figured out! love your style!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."