Have you ever ordered something and then forgot you ordered it until it shows up at your door?

I have had a really busy day. Getting the kids ready for school was exhausting this morning. Caden threw a piece of French Toast at Laiken's head. After I dropped them off, I went to have coffee with my Memaw and her coffee club. These old ladies crack me up. I hope I look and act like them when I am their age. They are so cute. They talk everything from the Bible to doing the deed. (Haha. Cracks me up.) They are awesome and I love they let me join in every once in awhile. I went to JC Penneys to find Laiken a dress, then I went and got a spray tan. (HALLELUJAH!!!) I was begininning to feel pasty. I met back up with my Memaw for a sandwich at Subway and then I went grocery shopping. I heart grocery shopping alone...without hearing "mommy mommy I want this!!"

I just got home so I could sit down and check my E-mails and watch TV and I saw I had a package. I had no idea what it was and when I opened it, I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. I had ordered some rhinestone bloomers with polka dotted bows with LKA on them. I just had this feeling I was going to have a Landry Kate so I had to order these precious bloomers. And then I forgot all about them. I don't know how long I am going to feel so broken hearted. I am really struggling with this.
I am trying to stay happy.

I pray that I will be blessed with another baby. I so badly want another baby.
It's ironic that I planned this pregnancy, and this happened. The others were not planned, but oh so wanted. Just goes to show you that our plans are not always God's plan.

I HATE contacts. They make my eyes itch and burn. I really want some cute glasses. Is is sad that I want Tori Spelling's glasses??
Maybe something like this?? I dunno...anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

i like those glasses, but you know how i feel about juicy...


Ashley Jo Anglin said...

well i wont put juicy on my butt, i promise!!

Brittney said...

So sorry you're having to go through this!

I switched back to glasses when Brooklynn got hers (at 18 months). I love the ones you have picked out and I really want to get B and I matching glasses (something like you have picked out) the next time we both need them!

Oh, and we're going to go to LR in October. Do you have any suggestions on fun (and cheap) places we could take the kids?

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."