Taming that tongue!!!

I think I may have mentioned jokingly that I was reading "30 days to Taming your Tongue". But really it has helped me alot. It has helped me think before I speak. I know us women have a hard time shutting our mouths!! It's not always about gossip, either. It's about boasting, belittling, slandering, meddling, and self deprecating. I even bought the workbook too..haha! When you open your mouth and start talking, it says alot about you. One thing I struggle with is being a little cynical...My mom is always telling me I shouldn't be that way. I read this.."Cynics look high and low for wisdom-and never find it; the open-minded find it right on their doorstep."

Well, we went several days last week into this week with the boys being good at school. They were both in trouble today. Camden got in trouble for talking (I should give him some advice from that book!HA!) and Caden won't tell me what he did. But I am going to call his teacher and ask her.

I am having a hard time sitting still because basically all I am doing is reading, watching TV, playing on the internet...but everytime I walk around a whole lot, the bleeding starts, so I am taking it easy.

We are about to leave for church and I look like a hot mess!!! The life of a mother...

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