Back to reality

Today I went back to work. I am exhausted! I really missed all those sweet kids and am glad to be back.
I came home to a new mattress today and am so excited. It's so soft. Our other one was broke down. :-)

This is my bed and I am thrilled about getting good sleep!!!
Cam also got his first bed. He went straight from a toddler bed to bunking with Caden. Now he has his own room...finally.

He loves airplanes.
I got the kids this shower curtain at target and I really heart it. I just hung it up.

It's cloth and organic and I love the colors.
That's all that is going on around here right now... I'm off to watch Hoarders..does anyone rlse watch this? I am intrigued by it. Scotty thinks I'm sick for watching it...haha. Good night y'all!!!

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