Ok, so we are out of the ICU now. We are now on day 11 in the hospital. I am so thankful he is doing better. He has a TERRIBLE attitude, because of the drugs he is on. He has had enough morphine and dilaudid to sink a small ship. He has no idea what he is saying and is very irritable. I am trying to keep my calm with him, but he has been very trying today. I am very tired after staying in the hospital with him for so long. But he would do it for me, and I really wouldn't leave him. It is just so hard with three little kids. Camden has fifths disease and doesnt feel well.

I haven't blogged in so long because I have been so busy with my job, my kids, and moving. I had just really got into the swing of working again when our house got broken into. I have never felt so violated. It's not about what they took, but about the muddy footprints I had all over my house and furniture. They even ate leftover pizza. I felt so super violated. It was the fact that criminals were in my house taking my things while my husband and I were at work working hard to pay for our stuff. Has anyone else out there been robbed and felt so violated?

I am looking forward to Christmas. We spent Thanksgiving at the hospital and Scotty was NPO so we couldn't eat and we were without our kids. No fun. I want to put up my Christmas tree and decorate my house. I normally would have already done these things, but we have been here. Please pray we get out of here before Christmas. His spirit is already broken and he has been crying and upset. Our anniversary is this coming up Thursday. I guess we will be spending it at the hospital.

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."