Biggest Loser

So, I made it through a week of the Biggest Loser at work. I am anxious about the weigh in tomorrow. I am not sure how well I did this week, but would really like to see at least two pounds this week gone. Today we had a walk/run for all the "losers" and I felt SO out of shape. I ran/walked/jogged a mile in 12:32. I was pretty happy with that time, because I thought it would take longer. My lungs felt like they were going to bust in the cold. And those of you who did better than me, good job!! :-)
I have been doing the 30 day shred and trying to jog on my treadmill. I didn't do as well as I would have liked to this week, but am hoping this gets easier. I may or may not have had a bite of this at Copeland's.

Scotty ate most of it, but I had to ask for a fork. I really needed a bite and we went on a lunch date to Copeland's. MMmmmmmm. But I didn't eat very much of it. Really. It makes me nauseated every time I walk by that bulletin board at work with my yucky weight on it and full body shot. It is definitely motivational.

We went to the Hematologist on Thursday and she really didn't have any information for us. I do know his lymph node biopsy has been sent out yet again to another location to look at it. So that makes me a little nervous. He is going to the surgeon tomorrow to look at his incisions because they have all of the sudden become painful. The one on his chest is sort of worrisome to me. It is red and lumpy. Praying he doesn't have an infection. Tuesday and Thursday we are going to the pulmonologist to see about his lung function and to make sure he doesn't have any build up.

I just spent a good while reading my husband's E-mails. He had a ton of them offering prayers and kind words. It touches my heart so much. The other adjusters at his work sent some of the nicest Emails. It makes you feel so good to know that other people are praying for you. I have TONS more thank you cards to write, and I need to make time to do that. I have been so super busy.

We have stayed at home all weekend relaxing. The first time I left was today to go to the Biggest Loser meet. It has been really nice. I have three of the most precious children ever. They are growing up so much. I cannot believe Caden will be 8 in nineteen days. I feel old. I haven't decided whether I need to plan a party or not or just play it by ear. I'm thinking I need to just not have a big party and just take him to dinner and a movie with a friend or two. He has expensive taste and has informed me he would like snow crab legs, lobster and steak. HaHa!! Wonder where he gets this. I am just so proud of how SWEET he has been lately. God has really blessed me with AMAZING children. I took this pic with my iPhone on Friday night. Camden and Laiken were in bed watching a movie in my room and I went to check on them and they were fast asleep, holding hands. :-)


Tiffany said...

Oh, that photo is precious. it just must have melted you to see them like that!
I will be praying for Scotty's upcoming tests and the results. I pray that everything gets figured out,and that he can officially get back on the road of recovery. You have all been through so very much.
I am watching the Biggest Loser and trying to shred a few pounds myself! I need to get back into running this week. My knees don't like it, but my booty sure does! lol
Thank you for your kind encouragement sweet words, and prayers - they mean so much!

Katie said...

Ashley Jo~ Precious picture.

I'm so glad your husband is back home. Your attitude is amazing! You've been through so much.

Way to go with your walking and running time. That's great.

Summer said...

I found your blog through Katie's Keepers! I believe I have commented to you before when you suffered a miscarriage recently! You are so strong and have been through so stinkin much!

I can't believe all that has happened with your husband! You are such and inspiration, wonderful mommy, and GREAT WIFE! I am glad your hubby is back home and I will be praying all his upcoming test results are good!

Great Job on losing weight! Oh and it's o.k. to have a bite of pure chocolate sweetness every once in awhile :0)

I can't wait to taper from all these steroids so I can shed some lbs....

Praying for you and your family and now I am a follower :0)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."