Saturday Blues.

I am going to post this letter first that I got from Karen Kingsbury. Well, b/c I am member of her fan club. I LOVE Karen Kingsbury. I love her books dearly. And if you haven't ever read them...Run and go buy the Redemption series. It's amazing. Karen and her husband have adopted children from Haiti, so you can imagine their despair.

Dear Reader Friends,

As you know, Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake yesterday causing the loss of tens of thousands of lives and the collapse or ruin of most major buildings. Many of you have contacted me this morning asking which relief organization I'm supporting, and how you can help. For immediate relief needs, I'd like to suggest the following website:

*WorldVision.com is a Christian version of Red Cross - another great humanitarian organization. World Vision is set up and working to help people in the numerous locations in Haiti where their people are stationed. Even now World Vision is rallying food, water, blankets, tents, and emergency medical help. Your donation will be immediately felt with World Vision.

Other ways you can help the people of Haiti on a longterm basis:
* HandsandFeetProject.org - A grassroots organization that does an amazing job of caring for orphans and abandoned children and teaching the next generation about Jesus. I am personally connected to this group through Extraordinary Women, and I believe deeply in their efforts.

* Heart of God Ministries - A ministry that once included the orphanage where we adopted our three boys. Today they work exclusively in the revival, restoration and recovery of Haiti.

* Lifeline.org - A ministry that works year-round in the support and spiritual gowth of people in Haiti. This group is smaller, but very effective in their place in the city.

On a personal note, we have not heard from Josh's birth mother - the only parent still alive and with whom we are still in contact. Josh is processing this, praying for her, and I'd ask you to do the same. The other boys are sort of stunned by pictures they see. They understand the great need, and in thier own way they want to help. They are pulling together birthday money and grade money to send to the relief effort. EJ's middle school is rallying to send a donation, and our boys' friends, friends of our families have formed a groundswell of willingness to help. Some way. However they might.
If you are unable to help financially, then please pray.
Pray for the thousands of American missionaries in Port au Prince, and the impact they might have in the coming days and weeks as this disaster continues to play out. Pray for the rescue workers - that they might arrive safely at a broken airport and quickly find their way to those still buried alive beneath buildings. Pray for revival in Haiti, that this small strife-ridden nation would place complete trust in God in the aftermath of this tragedy.
Pray for the families who have lost loved ones. Eeryone is touched, everyone affected. I saw one video image of a young man wandering in the rubble, shock masking his bleeding face. He stopped, scanned the ground and moved another couple feet. There he picked up the lifeless body of a little boy who looked about two years old. A child lying dead in the street. What the people of Haiti are experienceing today is beyond our comprehension.
Still, miracles abound and will undoubtedly be told in the days to come. I heard today about a young American missionary who drove 12 hours through the night to the small hut where he knew his wife was working at the time of the quake. He saw only her hand sticking up from the rubble, but she was alive. Hours later he had unburied her from beneath slabs of cement and she is unharmed - the two of them turning all their efforts towards helping others. So please pray.
I'll be sending out my January newsletter in a week or so. Just wanted to touch bases with all of you looking to help and give you a direction that will make the most of your donation, a direction I trust and support.
Give those you love an extra hug today, and thank God for the chance to do so.

In His light and love, until next time . . .

Karen Kingsbury

We can all do SOMETHING to help. If you can't help out financially, you can pray.

My baby Bella is missing. We have no idea what happened to her. We don't let her go outside because we have coyotes and other critters. I don't know if she somehow slipped out the door behind one of us. We just don't know. I am totally heartbroken. I love her SOOOOO much. She is the sweetest non barking chihuahua of all time. I am praying she is found, but doubtful. She is the best cuddler ever and loves me so much that it hurts me that she may be out in the cold alone suffering. I pray someone picked her up and she is warm and being taken care of. I just want her back. I have cried all day and been so emotional. :-(


Tiffany said...

I am so sorry about your dog. I am praying she is found and you are reunited.
Praying for Haiti as well.

Summer said...

I'm sorry about your puppy! I hope you find her soon! Fur Babies are just as dear to are heart as are real babies are!
Praying for Haiti and I donated to the American Red Cross....

Summer :0)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."