What I love about Sundays...

Today has been a pretty good day. Church, (a really good message about not judging others), good food, and four wheelers in the mud.

I decided I needed to tackle some of the thank you cards I needed to write. Wow. My hands are tired, and here I am, blogging. :-) I managed to hand write maybe fifty or so. I am just SO humbled. The genorosity and love and prayers sent to my mailbox is amazing. We serve an awesome God. I have learned so much about the character of people I barely know through this experience. We just appreciate it so much.

I am saving all of these cards forever. They are so encouraging. I had a very hard week last week. I am not sure why, but I was just so overwhelmed. I am feeling much better now. Each day, when we check the mail and get a new card, it puts a smile on our faces.

We went to the pulmonologist who lowered Scotty's steroid dosage and put him on an additional lupus drug. The steroids keep him up, but this drug makes him sleepy and foggy. Not a good combo. Sigh. He was very quick to tell Scotty to take it EASY, that he really wasn't sure that Scotty was going to make it in the hospital. I don't really think anyone did, I just remained strong and I know GOD gave me the strength to keep it together. I tried not to cry in front of him, but it was really hard. Anyways, he is still on blood thinner injections twice a day which he has learned to give to himself. He has antiphosphilipid antibodies, which can iteslf cause clots so he has to be really careful and stay on blood thinners. We still haven't gotten results back from Boston, hopefully they come back soon and the lymphoma verdict is still no.

Bella is still gone and I am devastated, but I know there is really not much I can do other than post flyers in our area. I keep wondering how she could have gotten out...I just don't know. She is so special to our family and our kids and can never be replaced. :-( I miss her like crazy but am trying not to be too sad in front of the kids.

Whew. Good night, I am off to lay around and watch TV!!

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."