Caden's 8th Bday and Ice

Whew..two posts in one day. :-)

First, I want to say Happy Birthday to my sweet boy who is now 8. I feel totally bad that he didn't get to have the birthday he wanted, but hopefully we can make that up soon.

His sweet friend Carson spent the night and it was Caden's first time to have a friend over all night. Carson was so sweet and polite. The kids all had so much fun playing together. Scotty's cousin and his wife stayed the night on Friday night, so we had six kids running around. It was fun.

Caden and Carson in the ice...I gave them cookie sheets to sled down our hill...hilarious.

Laiken went down a big hill and couldn't get back up and she started frantically trying to get up but she was sliding like a little puppy and she was on all fours and I was hysterically laughing until she started screaming. She was petrified and she didn't have on mittens and the ice was cold on her hands. Bless her heart.

Tim, Scotty's cousin rescuing her on the four wheeler. She screamed for awhile, until I made her hot chocolate and she sat in front of the fire.

Warming up and stealing Caden's friend. :-) Too Cute. (These are all iPhone pics, so forgive the quality!)

The boys did alot of Xbox and Guitar Hero playing. And for the record, I totally am awful at Guitar Hero. I just can't get it good. Sigh.
Scotty says I am not good at anything except shopping, reading, talking. :-)

Hope everyone is having a great snow/ice weekend!!!


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