Chivas "Lucy"

Meet Lucy. She is or was my mom's puppy. Her name is Lucy, was Chivas. I like Lucy better, what do you think? She is NO replacement for Bella and not as beautiful but she is extremely playful and fun. My mom felt bad about Bella and Chivas, um Lucy is only about four months old and thought she'd be great for the kiddos. Thank you, mom. I can't believe my mom gave up her puppy. She is a shitzu chihuahua mix. Bella was always so calm and loving and Lucy is very hyperactive. Hopefully she will be a good fit for us. Scotty needs someone to keep him company during the day...:)

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Ashley Jo Anglin


Summer said...

I like Lucy.... awwww how super sweet of your mommy to give her to ya.... She is a cutie.... they are hyper little doggies....my aunt had one....it is fun to put hairbows in there hair though....

How is your hubby??

Summer :0)

Nic said...

awww...Lucy is so cute! My mom has two chihuahuas and well...by accident Lindsey is pregnant and due to have puppies anyday. I feel we will end up with one if everything goes ok. I'm sure they will be adorable!

Anonymous said...

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