Preschoolers and a Bargain

I never knew how difficult it could be to sit with 15 preschoolers for eight hours a day. I mean, really? Ha.

I have cleaned up spilled milk about four times today, kissed about 20 boo boos, read about 10 books, broke up fights, preschool work, circle time, music, sent away tattletellers, played games in the floor, fixed hair, dressed kids for gymnastics and karate..it is neverending. And then I come home to do it all over again with my three....

I will say that it is SO rewarding, but oh SO stressful. I feel like there is never enough time in the day. Let's just say I love my lunch breaks. I enjoy my nights after the kids go to bed so I can watch TV or play on the computer or read. I have tried to give myself a break at night lately away from the computer so I can go to bed earlier. Laiken has softball practice twice a week so sometimes we aren't getting home until later. I have been planning our meals so I can have everything laid out and ready when I get home. Scotty has been a big help too.

I know lots of moms have full time jobs, and I am NOT complaining but I MISS more than anything being a SAHM. DO not take it for granted if you are. I am so thankful I spent the important years at home with my babies. I just miss giving them all my attention and not being so tired. I am going to miss sleeping till ten every day with them in the summer and lazy days at the park with shaved ice. Swimming at the lake during the day. I just really miss it. I am thankful to have a job though, because we definetely need the extra income right now so I try to see it like that. Ok, enough of that.

I usually buy about two comforters a year. I know it's crazy, but I love new bedding and changing things up. I got a set at WalMart today for under $40 and it's totally cute. Whatcha think? And how cute are these curtains for Laiken? They were in my friend's daughters room and so I bought everything in her room that was pink and green. I love the pink ribbons and the polka dots. OK, I am off to dreamland. :-)


Tiffany said...

So cute!!! Love the bedding and the curtains. {grin}

Anonymous said...

I teach preschool too.. and I do everything you said you did! DAILY! :D Except come home to my 3 kids-- I come home to 3 cats. :) They can be worse the kids.

The Anglin Family said...

teaching preschool is not all fun and games...lol! some people think i am a babysitter!
thanks for the comment.

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