Who am I Wednesday and Weekend Getaway!

Random facts about me!!
1.I have a toe for a thumb. Ha.
2.I love to cook and bake.
3. I love shopping. Housewares, clothes, cars, whatever. I love it all.
4. I am already tired of living in the country and want to move. AGAIN. I need therapy, I think. (seriously contemplating selling my house.)
5. I LOVE watching Laiken play softball. She has gone from not very good to getting a heck of a lot better and she loves it. I am NOT athletic at all!
6. I cannot stand my new puppy. She drives us all nutty and I wish I could find her a new home. I feel guilty saying that. I miss Bella like crazy.
7. I love my babies.
8. I am NOT a perfect mom. I yell sometimes.
9. I wish I were a better mom
10. I am currently addicted to Arnold Palmers. Ya know, sweet tea and lemonade mixed together.
11. The young girls I work with make me want to vomit. I need to work out more. I feel old.
12. I still want another baby so badly and pray that God will bless us with another baby only if it is His will.
13. I have had a seriously hard time dealing with the loss of my last pregnancy.
14. I am really really thankful my husband is alive. He shouldn't be after what he went through. We are blessed.
15. I love my husband so much.
16. I love to laugh.
17. I love teaching preschool and love my kids, although it is very trying.
18. I eat frosting from the can sometimes.
19. I like condiments more than I like the food. I am very weird about my food. I dont eat fries without ketchup (or mayo), chicken strips or nuggets without sweet and sour and honey mustard, my potato must have sour cream and butter, tacos have to have sour cream, dont eat cheesburgers without lettuce and tomato, my steak must have A1. I once took my own to a very nice steak place where they dont have steak sauce and put it on a $40 steak.
20. I feel like a river for tears and a jungle gym for kids.
21. I wish I had more time. I would love to do community service work and volunteering.
21. I don't like Asperger's syndrome very much. I am honest about this, and I LOOOVE Caden. But I don't like Asperger's. I wish he (Caden) wasn't uncomfortable in his own skin sometimes.
22. Camden William melts my heart. He has an amazingly funny personality.
23. Sometimes my extended family drives me nuts.
24. I would love to live in a big city.

I am so excited about this weekend!!! I get a mini getaway (children included, LOL).
The kids and I are going away on Friday to

We are going to the Big D to see Scotty. He is on a 90 day assignment and can't come home so we are going to him. He is going to be off on Saturday so we are going to the zoo and on Friday we are going to the stockyards. I LOVE Fort Worth. I am so happy to be able to get away for a few days!!


Tiffany said...

It sounds as if Scotty is doing so much better if he is traveling - praise God!! (I am sorry that I have not been here in a bit.)I have a love affair with condiments, too!!! I order things at restaurants just for the dipping sauces - glad I am not the only odd ball! {grin}

Allison said...

I love random facts! Have a fun trip!

GapGirl said...

I love your list. Thanks for sharing. I too went thru several pregnancy losses and it tore my heart apart but God blessed us with baby #6 which is due in October... keep praying and He will give you the desires of your heart!!!!
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