Anglin Happenings

I CANNOT believe it has been five weeks since I last signed in to blog!

I have missed it. I have spent the last three hours catching up on all the blogs I love to read. I have missed alot!

Whats been going on in our world....
Scotty is still in Dallas working until the end of June. He is doing alot better but is still tired and has a nasty lupus rash all the time. We have been to visit him once and he has been home a few times for the day. We miss him!!!!

I am still working at the preschool teaching the four year olds. It is quite exhausting. This past week was a busy week. We had a field trip to the LR zoo, Muffins for Mom, and we are getting ready for their graduation. I also celebrated my 28th Bday. :) I have been with these kids since September and it has flown by! Gonna miss my babies when they go to
kindergarten. I miss my own kids as well. :-( They each had a field trip this week and I had to pick one day to be off and it was hard to pick a kid. I picked Camden because I have never been on a field trip with him. We had so much fun. Scotty even got to go with us. I am just so super busy. My house is on the market (I know, I know) and with working full time I don't have much time to breathe. I get up at 530 and work all day and by the time we get home from ball practice or ball games, its 9 or so. It's pure chaos. This is why I have no time to blog!

The kids are doing great. They are all ready for summer and to be in the next grade. I cannot believe Caden is going to the 3rd grade. Camden is getting ready for his kindergarten graduation, and is super excited to go to first grade. Camden has become quite the little fit thrower lately and has been practicing his lungs all weekend. Laiken is doing great in school and softball.

I will leave ya with some pics, and I hope to be back soon!!!

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