Hope everyone had a great holiday!
I'm sitting by the pool watching the kids swim. I feel so lazy just sitting here. I woke up this morning in a huge funk and I was actually in tears five minutes after I woke up. Maybe it's the hormones..I'm not sure. I feel homesick, not really ready to go home, just unsettled staying in a hotel room maybe. It's hard when you are in a tight space. I am missing work alot and questioning whether or not I made a good decision..it's just hard. And I'm sure I'm not making sense. I'm glad for all the fun things we have gotten to do and looking forward to more fun stuff! I'm sure some of it has to do with the 2ww..which i have been over obsessing about and I think I just need to let it go and wait it out patiently!
Saturday we went to the air force museum which was pretty amazing. Alot of the old ww1 and ww2 planes are on display and the history there is awesome. I would have liked to have read every display but the kids got restless. Last night we took kids to watch toy story 3 which was alright, I think the kids enjoyed it though. I actually cried at the end of that too! Ohhh, and last night we went to white castle to eat. I ate SIX of those lil gut bombs. Bad decision!
Happy Tuesday y'all!
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Ashley Jo Anglin

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."