Hair, homemade tattoos, 'n silly bandz

Caden who is 8, has decided he wants to look like Justin Bieber. Silly, I know. So he has been growing his hair, and I am letting him even after I cringed at all the little boys who have hair in their eyes..it's getting there..LOL.

Camden begged me to let him give me a tattoo(write on my arm:). This is what he did. Oh, the things I do to keep them entertained.

It's him and I, my name and some hearts. He's pretty precious. I had to scrub layers of skin off to get it off though.

Isn't my only blondilocks so cute?
I caught Laiken organizing her silly bandz into colors. I figured shed be over these things by now..but three months later she still is into them. Oh my.

I think she has about 200.
Good night y'all!!
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Ashley Jo Anglin


Melody said...

Bailey just got some silly bandz. Apparently they were invented by someone who lives in our town. Weird! She loves them too and the weirder thing is... So does my 13 year old sister and my 14 yr old sister-in-law. Yeah, my husband and I both have teenaged sisters and we are in our late 20's. HAHA. So, I don't think you ever said WHY you are in Cincy? I was just curious.

Nic said...

Those Silly bandz!!! They are driving me nuts!!

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