Don't know if you can read this, but it's a BFN. I am 10 dpo and AF should arrive on Monday so I'm pretty sure I'm not preg. I did everything right this month, just wasn't the "right" time. I used ovulation tests, clomid, preseed, charting..blah blah.
Concieving my first child happened after I was told it would be hard to get pregnant. I bled for a year straight and wasn't ovulating regularly. That's when I found out I had type two diabetes and started taking progesterone and metformin. I wasn't trying to get pregnant but I think that's what helped me get pregnant at the time.
Anyways, I know that it will happen in God's time. And if it is his will for us. I'm at peace with it this month. Last month I was really devastated. And the month before. I keep thinking I was pregnant last summer and I should have a baby now.
I have been extra blessed with beautiful children and my heart hurts for those trying to have just one baby. I pray for them.
Today is a rainy day in Cincinnati so we are hanging out in the hotel room while Scotty works. I'm hoping to go to Newport on the Levee tomorrow to see the aquarium and some other fun stuff. The high today is 80. It was upper 90's yesterday but still not like back home. This lady was complaining the other day at about 80 that is sucked the breath out of you. I laughed and told her to go to Arkansas:) the humidity is just something you can't explain. You get used to it though. Maybe. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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Ashley Jo Anglin

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Melody said...

I'm so sorry :( I'll pray for you! I know how hard those neg's are!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."