Anglin happenings

I haven't really blogged about these precious three lately.

Cade and Laiken are doing great in school and having a great year. Lake is busy with softball practice and Cade is super busy with football. I feel like i'm on the go ALL the time.

Love the lil boys in their uniforms. So sweet!
This lil guy

Is not doing well in school.:( it breaks my heart. He is in the first grade but today we made the decision instead of retaining him next year in first grade to send him to kindergarten again. So either way he will go back to first grade. I hate it but he's very behind all if the other kids and slightly delayed. He can't do any of his work. I'm not so sad that he's going back to K next week as I am that it messes up the grade order for the kids. I'm praying that this is best for him. He is the sweetest, cutest, most charming little boy. He is precious! I love his personality.
Soon he won't be the baby anymore. I can't wait till our house is blessed with baby toys and diapers and a precious baby. It's been a long time!
I'm still extremely tired and feel like sleeping all day. I do on some days;)
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