Well, things can change in a minute. Last night as I snuggled next to Camden, I felt a pop and the blood started gushing. I freaked out because I was alone with the kids. My dad took me to the ER. They refused to do an ultrasound there but she did check my cervix and it was closed. Then I convinced the nurse to please try and find the heartbeat.

Half my face, but i'm smiling because I heard a strong heartbeat.
My daddy was very sleepy.

So since my dr. is closed on Fridays, I called the OB floor and within 5 minutes my Dr. called me and told me he just woke up but would be happy to meet me at the office.
Baby was flipping and happy with a great HB, but you could see the clots where I abrupted. I bled SO much. My dr. told me pelvic rest until I deliver, and bedrest for now. :(
It's very hard with Scotty being gone, and with three kids. I'm praying very hard this baby hangs in there and this heals up. It's very scary and I've been through it before but it's still hard.
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Ashley Jo Anglin


Sarah said...

I agree - that's so scary. Praying for you and the little babe and that you are able to get some help!!!

blessedmomto8 said...

HUGS! I can totally relate to the bedrest! glad all is well!

Heather said...

Oh NO! This is scary!!! I will be praying!!!!

The Mama said...

I am so sorry! Praying for you!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."