Wednesday ramblings


Disclaimer: this was taken a few weeks ago by my daughter and I wasn't sick;)
Just pretty pitiful.
Just kinda how I feel now. I caught the stomach virus and it.was.terrible. I threw up no less than 50 times yesterday. Today I am just weak and sore. My kids are all better. All 3 went through it , they handled it better than their mama. Pregnancy+stomach virus=disaster!!
I have spent the last two days on the couch. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal.
On top of our not.so.good weekend, my boys were running in the family room and horseplaying. My flat screen TV became the victim. It's dunzo. I was SO mad. They were both punished for that one!
I can't remember what having one child was like...haha. It's just pure chaos sometimes around here but I wouldn't change a single thing. ;)

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