the beauty of a bad day..

I got out today to go eat lunch with my friend and hairdresser, Lauren. I was feeling yucky and didn't even wanna get dressed and leave. But after I did, I realized what a gorgeous day God gave me. I stopped on my way into town to take pictures. I live way out in the country, by a lake. The drive is really pretty this time of year. Isn't it so pretty?
We went to this fabulous little food shoppe in our town. I had a raspberry chipotle wrap and a yummy yummy red velvet brownie. It was sooo good. So I'm happy I went. Nothing like good food to make ya feel better.:-)
Not so good on my thighs though.
I have not figured out this Blogger Droid yet so I'm sorry if the pics are all messed up.
I'm excited tomorrow is my anniversary and we are kid free tomorrow night for a fun night out. ALONE. Never happens, haha. Thanks mom!

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