from the heart of an 8 year old..

Cade likes to write me letters..he doesn't communicate well verbally because of his Asperger's.( autism spectrum disorder.)
This particular one made me cry.
Dear mom and dad-
I love you because you love me and care about me and you protect me and when you argue it hurts me and I want you to be together and stay that way. Laiken and Camden I love you too because you are my brother and sister. And sometimes we get into fights. And I am sorry for harming you. I hope you forgive me. Merry Christmas for one and for all!!

So this made me sad. We never argue in front of the kids unless we ate bickering about what's for dinner or the checkbook, etc..nothing major. But apparently it worries him. I didn't really knew he even knew about divorce until I asked him. I promised him he didn't have to worry about that.:-)
How sweet is it that he wrote how he was feeling..and apologized to his brother and sister? Made me cry.
Such a sweet little heart.
Just wanted to share.:-)
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Heather said...

ISn't it amazing what their little ears and hearts pick up on?!?!? Makes me pray my heart out for my little ones....loved this, girl. Thanks for sharing!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."