attempting fun.

I told my mom I was sad we no longer had family fun nights..so she invited us over on Friday night for pizza.( Scotty and I cooked our own food and skipped pizza)..the kids played board games and we all just hung out. I just like being with my family and feel like we don't all get together enough.

My cheesy pic on top is part of my 365 pic project. I really want to see how much I change over the course of the year..don't worry..I won't blog them 365.:))
I tricked my grandpa into this pic..I love that man.

Today we went to Walmart and geez Louise..we in central Arkansas have had no snow this year but since they are predicting 6" here, everyone was there. It's just crazy to me..I guess its a southern thing. After we left Walmart, I lost it..I'm not sure why it hit me right then but I just got so angry and sad all mixed up... I sometimes wonder if this is all a nightmare. Maybe I'm going to wake up..my monthly visitor arrived today. Maybe thats why I feel so sad today.

I played dance central with my kids tonight and I'm.obsessed.with.this.game. It's such a good workout and fun to play with the kids. I am not a video game player, but the kinect is awesome. I love it! I also have the biggest loser for kinect but I haven't opened it yet..

I'm off to prepare for the blizzard, hehe.
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The Mama said...

Haha, prepare for the blizzard. Too funny. I predict a dusting, maybe, of snow. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but doubt it.

I'm glad y'all had a family night. I bet that was fun.

Forgot to comment, I commend you for wanting to lose 20lbs. Not bc you need to, but because I am sure it will help you to feel better. And if anyone deserves that right now, it's you!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."