I am totally aware of the quality of these mobile pictures! I shoulda got a new camera for Vday..(hint hint Scotty!)
These pics are of the kids decorating their Valentine's for school. They had fun ice cream parties at school. The kids each bought a box of chocolates for their "crush"... oh, geez. My kids are getting way too big. Seriously, I just blinked and they were all 3 in diapers and then they were all in school. It happens FAST.
These are my loves. I'm so thankful for them.
I feel like that Lifehouse song "broken"..
"I'm barely breathing with a broken heart thats still beating..but I'm still holding on.."

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Natalie said...

I find myself taking pictures all the time with my blackberry and the pictures are horrible!! I still post them anyway ;) I think that the pics of your precious kids are too perfect! xoxo

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."