happy birthday

First, today is my darling diva's birthday. I cannot believe it has been 8 years! I remember everything about her birth vividly. It was cold and icy and I was being induced due to preeclampsia. When my water broke it was full of meconium. I just remember being scared. She was born at 8:10 pm, healthy and strong. I love her SO much. People ask me a lot where I got her name. When I was little, I had a cabbage patch doll named Laken Blue. Then there was a Laken on Santa Barbara in the 80's. I just knew I would have a Laken someday. I decided I liked it better with an I, and was thrilled to have a girl I could name Laiken. After a cabbage patch. Silly me.:)

I was so not kidding about cooking a Pioneer woman recipe last night. I made pineapple and chicken quesadillas. Um hallelujah! These were like a party in my mouth! I used fresh jalapenos and grilled my chicken and pineapple on my George Foreman. Super easy! I had fresh guacamole too. Soo good! I brined my chicken for the first time yesterday and it made my chicken a million times better. I let it soak in a mixture of salt, water, and brown sugar. It was the best chicken. And still juicy after being on the George Foreman. And then I made strawberry cake balls..yummy!!!

Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate her birthday. She's so excited.

I'm hungry now. It's 7:50..is it too early for guacamole?
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The Mama said...

I'm sorry I am so late commenting on this, but I hope Laiken had a very happy birthday!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."