I want {must have} these curtains!!!!

I was going to get them when I was in Cincinnati (Mason) this summer and they were already out of stock. I have been hunting them down...I so LOOOVE them.

Today I found them on E-Bay. But do I really need to spend $100??? {Sigh.}

I have been reading tons of design blogs lately. It keeps me busy because ya know, I have nothing else to do. Haha. I love that people have lots of money and time and are willing to post pictures of their homes on their blogs. :-)

Another way I find design ideas is to go to our local homes for sale. I look only at the very high priced homes..seriously, I have come up with some neat ideas that way.

I sell stuff on Craigslist. Alot. I buy groceries with my Craigslist money..:) I also buy on Craigslist. Today I found two higher end twin bed sets in the packaging for $25 for both. I was SO excited. The boys are going to now have to share a room so their bedding needs to match. I sold Cade's bedroom furniture to be able to afford to buy him a new bed to match Cam's.

I am sick and tired of packing already. Which is why I am playing on Ebay and Craigslist. Cause it's way more fun!

Today for lunch I had one of my favorite at-home lunches, grilled cheese, a pickle, and tomato soup. I heart the goodness of the buttery melted cheese dipped in creamy tomato soup. Yummo. It's just one of those days, a storm is brewing outside, the wind is blowing and all I wanna do is cuddle on my couch.

I think tonight I am going to make something of this lady's because really, I have never ever made anyhing but delicious stuff from her recipes! I heart her!

Tomorrow is Laiken's 8th bithday. Seems impossible!!!!

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