Tuesday ramblings

We are moving. Downsizing. This is our new (old) downsized house. I thought I would be sadder than I am, but really I'm ok with all of this.
Scotty said goodbye to his truck, and as soon as I can sell it, my Commander is gone. We are going cheaper. I just realized our cars together were close to 75,000. Stupid. I'm glad to be able to start over in a sense. We are moving next week, and the packing, well...Eww.

I had thought I had a certain job, but today I got called about a much.better.job. It's something I would LOVE doing, and am praying I get this job. The pay is excellent and it's a great job. If I get it, ill tell you what it is.:) I went for interview #1 today. Pray for me!

I feel like my depression is getting better. I felt very hopeless for awhile, and have probably not been the best mom to my children. I'm thankful Scotty has been home to help since November. I was truthfully much like a single mom for the last 5 years. He had the job he did to provide for us and honestly, hes a great dad. He was one of those dads who changed yucky diapers in the middle of the night. He plays with his kids. He takes them to school and picks them up everyday. He never left me when I was in the hospital. He has put up with my severe moodiness lately and am very thankful for him. Ok, enough of that.

I am very excited about Tuesday night television so I am off for some alone time. Well, with the TV. I can't help it. It's my guilty pleasure.

"Cause I know there will be days when this life brings me pain, but if thats what it takes to praise You, Jesus bring the rain.."...

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Melody said...

The house is cute! I am definitely praying for you to get this new job! And, I know what you mean about the 75K for cars. We've done stupid stuff too, we went through our checking account for last year to do our taxes and relized that almost 15K went to STUPID stuff that we have NOTHING to show for!


Natalie said...

Your new {old} house is super cute!! I am currently trying to sell Billy's truck too ;) He drives my civic when he has to travel for work because of the gas milage so I am pretty much over having to drive the truck! I am definitely not a truck girl...if you know what I mean!!

Elainna said...

Praying for you!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."