I've been MIA bc well, I'm moving and I have three kids and life is busy. We are moving out of this house we built into a smaller, cookie cutter suburban type typical house. I'm not sad. Downsizing is good. We now have two cars we paid for with cash and that's pretty awesome. I'm now the owner of a Yukon with flowmasters and a system. Nice, huh? LOL. Not so much my thing..but its very loud. I'm tired of Craigslist. I've sold everything I own. Well, a lot of it. I'm sleeping on my hard floor tonight bc my mattress is in the uhaul outside. Wasn't too thrilled with scotty after I found out he packed the mattress away.

I worked on Monday. It was nice to get back out there. I was actually filling in at my OB's office. My scrubs were a little tight..eek.

I almost went to jail on Monday night. They confused me with someone else. It pretty much terrified me. Most of you who read this know the story..so ill spare you.

My aunt died on Friday. Please pray for my cousin..she's really lost without her momma.

I think I'm going to my faces of loss support group on Sunday for the first time. I'm very nervous..but I think it'll be good to meet IRL BLM's. I'm scared..its out of my comfort zone.

Laiken has a boyfriend. Or I say, a boy she likes. He has written her notes. She has written his name on her folder. She's my baby. I'm glad I can keep her from her first date till she's 25, right?
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Brittney said...

My husband has almost been arrested several times. There is another man living in our city with the same first and last name, AND middle initial! Scary!

Melody said...

OMG, ARRESTED? I would have FREAKED out! I'm glad for your financial situation. Wish I lived like that! Hope your job is going well!

The Mama said...

You have had a LOT going on girl!! Praying for you always!

And yes, no dating until 25. Or 30 :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."