some food and a review

My fave way to cook green beans is to cook the nutritional value right out. Bad, I know! Bacon, butter, brown sugar, and garlic...yummy!! We had these for dinner tonight with Spaghetti Pie which I totally stole off of Allison's blog(www.thestoryof5.com) can't link bc I'm mobile blogging, but she is my half sister and she had posted this recipe, so I decided to make it. And it was pretty good. The kids liked it. Thanks, Allison!

I went to Walmart to get my neutragena mineral make up and they were out of my color so I decided to try this Revlon stuff. Ya know, Halle Berry is in the commercials for it. It is totally weird. It is supposed to have a cold sensation but it goes on wet. But its not wet. It feels like you are rubbing a wet rag on your face. But after I got over the weirdness, I kind of like it. It has good coverage and lasts all day. I used my kabuki brush, not the one that came with it.

That's all I got for now..its bed and bath time around here!
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Kelsey said...

I started using the Revlon make-up you're using too. The brush it comes with is too small in my opinion so I too use my kabuki brush. Weird sensation but after getting used to it I like it too!

Natalie said...

So...just another reason we're secret sisters...I love to make my green beans the same way! I have a serious love for green bean bundles and this is just the simple way without the bundles!! Maybe it's just an Arkansas thing? xoxo

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