April Fools and Autism

Today turned out to be beautiful. This morning really started off icky for me. Most days, really, I am fine. But some days, I just really HURT. I got irked about the amount of people who joke about being pregnant on April Fools day. Really, it's the oldest and least funny joke of all, why? They laugh and giggle about it and it's annoying to me. There. My pet peeve of the day. However, one person really announced a true and for real pregnancy today. Due Date? Ryan's birthdate. That's what did it.
Then, shopping at WalMart, I saw a really pretty blonde lady in the checkout that my husband pointed out to me. He said "I guess her baby died.'" She had on a shirt with the image of her baby on ultrasound with her baby's name and DOB and it brought tears to my eyes. I wish I had the nerve to talk to her, but I didn't.

I bought a new food processor so when I make homemade salsa I don't have to chop so much and my dear husband was putting it together for me and literally the blade sliced his thumb off. I mean it was hanging out of the blade..blood dripping everywhere...took over an hour to quit bleeding because of his blood thinner. Poor man.

This April Fools has turned out gorgeous and I am in the mood for fruit and vegatables and homemade salsa(which may gross me out due to the fact that Scotty's thumb was hanging from the processor blade). I stocked up today at WalMart.
I made fresh lemonade with the lemons:) Oh.So.Good.

And just because, ya know, Cade doesn't do many pictures...

I like the one of him smiling. Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness day. Please think about wearing blue for Caden or someone you know with Autism. It may not seem like much, but to a parent with an autistic child, it is. So join me and wear something blue?

Have a great weekend!!!


Melody said...

Sorry your day was crappy. So, NOT funny to joke about being pregnant! Also, the look on my face when I read about scotty's finger, ICK-O!

The Mama said...

I agree, YUCK about Scott's finger, hope it is better!

I'll be wearing my blue tomorrow for sure!! Thanks for letting us know!

Ashley E. said...

Ugh I know! I was so annoyed with my facebook feed. We know you are joking!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."