thursday randoms

I just want to start this whole post off with a picture of my sweet girl..

She got some new TOMS and was really proud of them.

I had a big whole post planned out in my mind, but somehow now I have gone blank. Or changed my mind about what I wanted to write.

Tomorrow, Scotty is going to work. There is so much devastation and he feels led to try and go back to work, as it has been very hard on us financially and such with him staying home and me not working. Yes, he gets paid, just not much and his work really needed him and it was just a good time to go back out. My heart hurts for all those devastated by the tornadoes, here in Arkansas and in the other states. Scotty is going to be close to home, he is going to work in Northwest Arkansas so it's not too far. I just pray for his health and safety.

In other news, we made a new addition to our family. His name is Kingston and he is a Basset Hound and I think Beagle mix. Someone dumped him. But he is very sweet, he is housebroke, knows commands, and is very loving.

Meet Kingston:

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Melody said...

My husband is DYING for a new dog. I am NOT going to show him Kingston's picture! And, in all seriousness, if Scotty wants a home cooked meal, let me know. My mom is an awesome hostess and they are VERY close (20 minutes) from Fayetteville. :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."