Today is international Baby Lost day. Please know I am thinking of all of you..:)) I prayed for everyone I know who has lost a baby during church this morning. I bought a new cross for Ryan. It had pink flowers and it just seemed fitting.

I took the picture of the flood on the way to church this morning. It has just been storming and storming and raining and now a lot of areas are getting flooded. My backyard is now a swamp. It is supposed to continue through most of the week..wish I could send it to Texas!! This weather just makes me want to stay in bed all day!! I just pray everyone stays safe.
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The Mama said...

Praying for you today girl!!!!

This weather is crazy. I'm so ready for the sun to come out for a while. I agree about sending it to Texas

Melani said...

You have been in my prayers today! I hope the floods will go down soon!!!

Katie said...

Ashley, I did not know Sunday was such an important day. Thank you for letting me know, and I will never forget what May 1st stands for.

The cross and flowers on Ryan's marker are perfect. Sweet and beautiful.

You are precious inside and out!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."