Ryan Elizabeth

I had a whole different post in mind today, but let's scratch that. Is this not the sweetest picture? I love it. This morning I noticed that Tiffany @ Names on the Sidewalk had done one of these for her baby girl and I loved it, so she made one for me.

I love it! It's perfect. <3 the pink Converse. She does so much for other people, so I offered to send her some boy's shoes (Cam's old black Converse) but as I packed them up, they seemed so tattered and old and just not appropriate. So I went and got these to send to her. Aren't they precious? I can't wait to see some sweet boy names written with these precious shoes!!

I know it takes her alot of time with the photo editing and all, so I just wanted to show my appreciation.

So while I am on the subject of names, I have had SO many people tell me Ryan's name is a boy's name. I am fully aware, but I think it is sweet for a girl. I learned the other day while watching "the Talk" that Holly Robinson Peete's daughter is named Ryan Elizabeth.

Ryan Elizabeth Peete

And, I am a big fan of the Jones family quintuplets, and I knew one of their girls was Ryan, but I had no idea she was Ryan Elizabeth!
You can check them out at .

Anyhow, just wanted to share my sweet new picture with you!!!


Hillary said...

That is the cutest picture ever!

I would have loved to have some pink converse laying around the house.

Ryan is a fun name for a girl! Elizabeth is another favorite of mine... (hence Caroline Elizabeth :)

Brittney said...

I like the idea of using a typically masculine name for a girl. (Obviously since we name our daughter Danial). :) Beautiful picture!

Kim said...

What a sweet picture! I didn't realize Ryan and Reese had the same middle name:) I think Ryan is a very cute name for a girl and I know another girl, Ryan.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I saw the pink converse picture on your Facebook page, but didn't realize the significance. It's just precious! I love it!

I have always loved Ryan for a girls' name. Back in the 80's (before your time) there was a movie called Hiding Out. The main female character's name was Ryan. I've loved it ever since.

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