Glad Blogger is back to working! Some of my comments got deleted..I don't know if you can fix that??
First off, today is Scotty's 32nd birthday! Happy birthday Scotty! I'm thankful for every birthday he has. When you come so close to losing someone you love, you appreciate them sooo much more. I'm so thankful:)

I got all that jewelry in the pic from the $1 jewelry store. Most of the stuff they have is cheesy, but if you really look, you can find some cute stuff. I buy Laiken a lot of headbands from there.

I was participating in wiww, but my whole post got deleted and wasn't saved in drafts. So frustrating!! I was just going to show what I wore just one day. Because honestly, I wear sweats a lot. Stacy and Clinton would have a heyday with me. But I love this polka dotted tank. Or circles. Whatever. I love em both.:) I got it at Gordmans for around $12 and I wear it alot.

So last night, I got to help my niece get ready for her school's Sadie Hawkins dance. She, as most of you know, lost her mother several years ago so I am honored to help her with this stuff. She wanted curls so I gave her lots of them! She loved it. She kept touching her hair and smiling. I love seeing her happy.

My Dad got a new puppy so I took the kids to see it and they loved it, obviously. Doesnt Laiken look so sweet?

Thursday was a day that was hard. It was 6 months to the day we buried Ryan. I was just in a funk. I slept till 11(after kids went to school) and then I ate lunch alone and went to Walmart. I rarely coupon there but I did get some freebies. I even locked up the register and they had to hand enter each item. I stood in line for 30 minutes. I just kept thinking that whole day how much I just wanted my baby back. It's just overwhelming sometimes. Sigh.

Today, Scotty is going to drive home to celebrate both our birthdays together. He missed mine:( So we are going to go out and have a yummy dinner somewhere before he leaves again in the morning.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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Scotty said...

You look hot!

Scotty said...

You look hot and beautiful of course!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."