Random Fashion and what I am digging right now.

I so may be too old to shop at some stores, but if I am, please don't tell me. Ok, thanks.:) Just wanted to share a few finds that I bought that I am loving right now.

I love Navy in the summer with red accesories!

I am totally digging this shirt, I however, hate my arms right now and it is HOT and I need to be lifting some weights. I need to wear tank tops. I will wear this eventually. Hopefully.

I have gotten the cutest jewelry from Rue 21! (where the shirts came from). I have gotten the three cutest owl necklaces ever..I need to post a pic of me wearing them.

I am loving having blonde hair..the lighting is off in this picture and my hair is actuaally much lighter but I am really liking having blonde hair again. Although I said I would never do it ever again!!

I totally got some of these and I HEART THEM!!!

I am loving these silly boys.

Today was LOOONGGGG...but a welocme distraction. Today is the 9th. It has been seven months today since Ryan was born and it still just really really hurts. Today I HAD to go baby shower shopping. My friend is having twin boys. She is flying in from Austin tomorrow for her shower Saturday. I was totally fine buying her babies new clothes. I was totally fine ordering her cake. I just feel like a broken record..I could go on and on about how I feel or don't feel. I am SOSOSOSO thrilled for her and that she is having her first babies. I just am not sure I am ready for a baby shower. Just not sure that I would ever have one if I ever had another baby. I can remember back to when I was pregnant with Laiken, I had a family friend who SO badly wanted to have a baby was having trouble. She had several miscarriages and eventually was able to have a baby in her 40's. I remember her saying how easy it was for me to be able to have these babies and I can remember thinking in an unsensitive way. Now I look back and wonder...I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am not so honest in my "real life" about how I feel. I am not so open. I just don't want to go. I am going to really pray hard about this tonight and tomorrow.

Anyways, I guess I got distracted. I tend to do that sometimes :)

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Summer said...

You are totally rockin' the blonde hair girl it looks great on you! Um did you have to tell me about the zebra shirts LOL now I have to have the first one ha! Those earrings are fabulous


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