I packed my stuff up on Saturday and off we went for Fayetteville. I had planned for us to come on Friday because I SO wanted to go see the David Crowder band in concert, but my friend Arika flew in from Austin on Friday for her shower, so I stayed home and my mom cooked us a yummy meal and we got to visit. I'm glad I got to see her, and I can't wait to meet her twins!

We got to NWA around 3, and Scotty was still working so the kids and I shopped around at the Promenade. We went to eat at Outback after he got off. The kids were so excited to see their daddy!!

Today, we drove up to Tulsa to go to the Aquarium and Bass Pro. My husband is on a mission to visit every Bass Pro in America. An Oklahoma friend on FB told me to go eat at Los Cabos. It was good, but not as good as my fave place back home! But I am always up for Mexican!! I got a new camera, so hopefully after I get home, I will have time to post pics. I don't know when I'm going back home. I love summer and just being able to do whatever!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!:))
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The Mama said...

Looks like another great weekend!!

Can't wait to hear about your new camera!

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