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Right now, the kids are still sleeping and its quiet in our little hotel room. I like it that way:) Today I am miserable. My allergies are soooo bad. I live with year round allergies. I itch, sneeze, and break out in hives. Sometimes its just so darn miserable. I have attacks when my eyes and ears start itching, my throat swells, and I itch and get dizzy. Right now I feel like that. It stinks. I've been up since 5:30 feeling like this. Yuck.

Yesterday, we got moved into a much nicer, newly renovated room. The lady at the front desk called and asked if I minded if they shut the water off for a few minutes. A while later, I heard gurgling and water was shooting out the toilet at a rapid pace. Flooded the new carpet in here. Two new toilets later, two shopvacs full of water, the toilet still doesn't work and the carpet is still soaked. And there's a super noisy fan going to try and help dry the carpet. At least we now get the room free for two days.:) It's just kind of inconvenient to go downstairs if you need to go to the restroom.

Anyhow, so we didn't get to dinner until around 8 last night and we went to one of our faves, Mellow Mushroom. When we lived in the Nashville area, we had one right around the corner from us. We frequented it a lot. Sad Little Rock doesn't have one. All the more reason to move to Northwest Arkansas, right? :)

Scotty is busy busy with work. Lots of insurance claims keep him super busy so I am trying to keep kids occupied. We have been to museums, splash pad, and window shopped. It was much easier to travel with the kids a few years ago. Now they complain about boredom. I'm trying to keep them busy. I think they'd rather be here with Scotty than at home without him...I'm not sure how much longer he will be working in Fayetteville.

I better go drink me some coffee and get out of bed...I might could stay here all day if the kids would sleep....:) And, I just wanted to throw out there that today is Arkansas' 175th birthday as we were the 25th state. I was born and raised here, and love my home state. Mostly I love the Razorbacks, but I also love all the lakes, the ozarks, petit jean, yummy catfish..(I just love southern food), all the quaint downtowns, main street USA, the people are friendly, did I mention the Hogs? I have been a lot of places, but I love the south and our state is beautiful. I'm sure other folks have their own opinion about us, but I'm glad I was raised here:)
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The Mama said...

I am so sorry about your allergies. Hope you get some relief soon

Sounds like y'all are having a great time

And I agree, I LOVE Arkansas!!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."