Camden William

Not only does this child look just like me, he has my mannerisms as well. Every night he does this. I just caught him on camera. I saw him doing it and thought I'd try and catch this yucky habit on camera.:) He smiled when he saw the camera and tried to jerk his foot away...
Yes, he's biting his toenails. As a child I did this too. My mom said as a very small baby I gnawed on my feet. Yuck. And just an Ashley fact: I have NEVER clipped my toenails. I've always picked them. I know, I know.

Happy weekend!!
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Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

xoxoxo Hillary

Allison said...

I always pick my toenails!!!

The Mama said...

Haha!! Isn't it funny how our kids just do things that we did/do? That is so cute!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."