Fathers and stuff

{Still mobile blogging, so I had to do with what pics I already had in my phone}..:)
Just wanted to wish the 3 men in my life Happy Fathers Day. My Dad, husband, and my Grandpa. And yes, that's a bucket on my grandpa's head. He was playing Minute to win it with the kids.:)

I'm lucky to have all three of them. Sometimes I almost forget about Scotty being sick. He came sooo close to losing his life and he fought hard to stay with us. He gets up everyday, takes a ton of medicine and goes on with his day. I'm so thankful for him.

This has been a good weekend,.other than that I am still in the hotel and with three kids it's honestly nuts. I'm not even sure I should expect them to be well behaved here..ya know? This is a teensy hotel room. Not like the big one we had in Cincy last summer. Last summer...seems like yesterday. I am going home on Tuesday, though. I am just running out of things to do with the kids while Scotty is working. I love being here, just wish I wasn't in a hotel room. Or at least a bigger one!:)

Today I went to six different Wal-Marts with my hubby who was on the hunt for something. And two Sam's Clubs. I think I got Wal-Marted out. Guess who I saw at Walmart today? Michelle Duggar:) I just love her.

And this is totally off the wall but I have just had crazy anxiety lately. I have terrible dreams. I just feel tired, yucky, blah, and did I mention yucky? I discovered something that just isnt right so I will be going to the Dr. next week so please pray for me if you're reading:) its worrying me and making my anxiety worse.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!!

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The Mama said...

Praying very hard for you my friend. Hope you get some answers soon!

Anonymous said...

Shut up! You saw Michelle Duggar?? I would have passed out! I love her! Did you say anything to her?

I hope things go well at the doctor for you :(. It sounds a little scary.

Lots of Love in your tiny hotel room :)xoxoxo

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."