Show us your life- My Mom

Ok, I am going out on a limb here. But I am going to link up to Kelly's SUYL this week. It is singles week and I know a single gal who could really stand to meet a nice man!!!

Meet my mom. Her name is Cristy. She lives in Central Arkansas and works as a legal assistant. She loves fine dining, cooking, traveling, loves the lake and boating, having fun, reading, and just having a good time. Oh, and spending time with her family. :)

If you have a single parent and read this blog, or stumble upon it, or know anyone in her age group that is single and looking, leave me a comment!! I will pass along her email/facebook after that.:)

She is 50, yes I said, FIFTY!!! I know she doesn't look it, but she is. So in order to get through me to her, please be over 40...

I so want her to find a nice man!! Won't you please help me?? :-)

Isn't she cute??


Allison said...

Ha!! Does she know that you are doing this??? :)

Carissa said...

Ok, so I think my uncle would be perfect for your mom. He is in his 50s and very handsome, however, he is in Dallas... sad I know. But if you would still like his contact info email me at cxs05b@acu.edu.

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